The Art of Sharing Your Passion

It's hard to forget your first creations. I remember several of mine that I had to part with back in 2007 and 2008. Once you realize you love doing something to the point of paying for your own efforts, you slowly become attached to the things your mind creates. These days, my studio consists of a few best works I've kept over the years, and while I may eventually have to part with many of them, I believe in the gift of sharing what you make with the world. Afterall, what good is art if it is hoarded by only a single pair of eyes.


  1. "Afterall, what good is art if it is hoarded by only a single pair of eyes" :)

    That's awesome. You're awesome! You're pieces are really amazing ah!! You've got great vision, and probably incredible inspiration :) Keep it up!! :D

  2. Thanks Jacq, and my inspiration comes from a really amazing life, and someone very special *hint* :) plus my family is always there to support my work too.

  3. Haha but really, your pieces are awesome :) Dude, you got my mom to take an interest in art!! (something i have totally failed at >.<)

    Your art speaks :) and I support you!! :D

    I hope you continue to make the people around you proud :)

  4. Ahaha you're drawings are awesome too :) you should really publish your work on other sites too, like blogger and wordpress :)

    jacq's blog is
    Check it out! :D


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