Why Sculptors Create Study Works and Mock Up Designs

When you're working with monument-sized sculptures, or even just life-sized ones, there will always be that tendency to overshoot or undershoot what the client asks for. The details may be a bit too rigid or a tad too curved, but as an artist you can't always change the final look of your bigger pieces especially at a latter stage. Me and my dad Seb Chua, create studies for our bigger works as a good practice to both ourselves and our collectors. These days, I'm still experimenting on 3D designs for sculpting, which may even make it easier to do mock designs on the computer instead of in reality. This could save up time, material and effort on our part as artists. 

Studies for the bigger works sometimes even turn out better than expected. This study (picture above) of "Crescent", an experimental medium piece I made, turned out to catch the eye of some professors at my alma matter; Ateneo University. Currently, it is with the dean of Humanities as a resident artwork at their office on campus.


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