Art Media and Innovation

I didn’t jive specifically with sculpture right from the beginning. Back when I was in highschool, I first started out with exploring different forms of art through experimentation. Since then, abstraction has always enlivened my spirits, so even as I made my way through different painting methods, my personal taste still marked my path. Painting and drawing were the first mediums that became my favorites. Sculpture, is my permanent favorite, as I still believe it to be my most diverse and versatile media, though my passion for the other art forms hasn’t diminished much over the years either. Even today, I still want to find a way to integrate the beauty of painting into my love of sculpture. If time permits, I’ll begin experimenting again, combining acryilics and lacquer hues with epoxy coatings on my sculptures. This was one of the things I originally wanted to do, but postponed for the time being. Somehow, innovation in art must come from the vision to see something different, not just in subject, or single elemental difference, but in creating something bigger, affecting something larger, like creating a hybrid medium, or finding a new genre, the possibilities are endless, you just have to know how to look at things from an upside down angle.


Some of my earlier works, and even some recent ones convey a very simplistic take on abstraction, but eventually I found my greatest passion in sculpture because it is the one medium I personally love, because of its element traits that can be harnessed to convey even the most vague of expressions. But if you think sculpture is just limited to the fine arts, you’re definitely wrong there. Here are some sculptures on the forefront of design innovation, combining function and aesthetics into one compelling composition. They were conceptualized by astounding individuals who’se credit is duly given. For these pictures, and their sources, you can refer to, an international design and innovation site that also helps me find inspiration for my own projects and works.


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