Choosing a Subject for Your Design

People have often asked me why my subjects are usually all women, or couples. They ask, "Is there a deeper meaning to why you choose these persona to be highlighted in you sculptures"?

When artists try to depict something through their subject matter, it may range from an array of different possible sources. It could be that one carves out a statue of a mother out of his concrete love for her, and thus seeks to express and narrate that love through visual stylings. Another example could be one of the popular subjects here in the Philippines; poverty. Some artists (in fact many actually) prefer to use poverty as a main focus point, deriving all their related materials into the idea of portraying the local poor in the country. This could stem from a deep root or affection to poverty, as our country has had its share of stories on the streets, but art is one of the many great ways to express the deepest stories of one's life.

For me, choosing a subject was simple, ever since the beginning (at least for most of my works). My genre of abstraction and distortion played a part too.

I started out with the abstract woman in a singular composition because  for the most part of my life, I had heard stories from a lot of people about their pastimes and favorite escapades and timeless imaginations of romance. As a young boy, I got the idea in my head that somebody out there must be looking to find the perfect partner. I envisioned a young girl, not far from my own age. She was constantly thinking and pondering on life's matters and matters of the heart. I couldn't draw her face because dreams aren't often very clear. But the emotion struck me, and the abstractions took place on my sheets of paper not long after.

My pieces have something to do with the yearning for human love; for a strong imperfect, forgiving love that most people think of as myth in this day and age. I find it to be the greatest subject I can manifest through my hands and mind.

These days, I have also begun to create more and more subjects of lovers in pairs and couples locked in each other's embrace. This came about fairly recently with the release of "Aurora Australis" and some of my other pieces. Till then, I only had one pair-subject work, which was featured in the beautiful Sins exhibition as a themed subject that reflected the garden of Eden and the story that took place there. "Whispers of Eve" was a bit farther from my usual standpoint on romance. At the time, I depicted Eve as a seductress to Adam, not by choice, but by nature. I did this in line with the theme of our exhibit for the night, but have not done so again ever since. These days I do create a lot more subjects that involve the presence of couples, but I do so with a lighter feeling in mind. I like manifesting the feelings of love that I share with my own special someone, such that my pieces have been more circular and continuous for the most part. I enjoy drawing inspiration from emotions because they are the deepwell of my art. I hope in fact that through my years of growing up, I'll be able to shape and contour my works to every inkling of love that I experience... So that maybe one day, my own subject matter can be considered as a visual novel or narration of characters I've met and characters I will meet, that have played out scenes in the world I have come to know and love.


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