Creating the Emblem for the 2010 GSIS Competition.

This 2010, The GSIS and AAP (Art Association of the Philippines) Commissioned me with creating the emblem for their annual nationwide competition. I was able to explore several Filipino themes that pertain to our culture and national heritage, however the idea of creating an abstract-inspired "Sarimanok" stuck to my head. This is the trail of thought I followed in the creation of the emblem prize.

 To add a distinct contemporary play, I integrated a silhouette of the letters "G S I S" into the design, hidden in almost plain sight. I finished the entire design in an enamel of polished color mixed with subtle tints of darker and lighter hues. A total of ten of these were made and sponsored by GSIS and the Art Association of the Philippines for the participants and highlights of the event.

This year's GSIS event quite well yesterday night, and I do hope they continue the competition for years to come, because it provides a source of inspiration and a medium for motivation among different artists here in the Philippines. It stands in reputation alongside the other prestigous competitions such as Metrobank's MADE competition, the NSAC (National Shell Art Competition) which I was a part of last year, and the AAP Annual Art Competition held regularly by the organization.


  1. Oooooh Interesting!!! It does look like the letters GSIS in a curved abstract way doesn't it...

  2. *BARFS* i'm not worthy! Dx You're too geniuuussss!

  3. ^Chow just in case u dunno XD

  4. Ahahaha :)) thanks guys :D
    @jacq: it's cool that you saw the letter play too!
    @chow: I knew it was you ahaha. thanks chow!


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