Drafting From Inspiration : The Beginnings

Everybody wonders where to get inspiration and how to go about starting an artwork. For some, they create in the spur of a moment, wasting no time and going directly to the core of the work. For others, there is a long process of reflection, study, armatures, and several differently planned stages. I want to mention a little about the very first of these steps: finding the inspiration to create the design.

For most people, inspiration comes from a cause, or a purpose. Artists who revolve around the changes taking place in today's world create murals of innovation, migration, history and the like. Another example would be the artists who create based on emotion, like me. For this type of artist, inspiration comes from the unexplainable feelings within our mind. From love, to anger, to yearning, to sacrifice, emotional themes can directly influence how a piece turns out to be. During the sketching process, it takes time for influences to set in from inner moods. The feel of creation should manifest itself slowly and unhurried, making sure that the artwork is never rushed or compromised for the sake of time. For me, the beauty of creating by different stages, is the ability to look forward and backward at what you are making, seeing its history and drafting its future as a part of your own story. My own works are made with several stages, including the search for inspiration and the original drawings of the design. Goodluck to all of you out there who encounter the same situation, it's a great challenge and blessing to be able to search for what makes your heart tick.


  1. It's like that too for a of people :) it means they have a pretty complex design process I think


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