Behind the Figure Eight

When creating my pieces even from the very beginning, I always try to find an ideal shape for the initial design. Nothing over complicated, just a simple wave or archway to guide my hands when I start on the clay or wireframe. It's not surprising to me though, how most of my works gradually take form as a figure eight or as a flowing infinity symbol. This draws from my early upbringing through decades of Chinese cultural heritage that have influenced deep roots in me and my visual language.

While my abstract motif centers on a human play of modern romance, my structural composition comes from an intrepid drawing of the eternality symbolized by the well known character of figure eight. I was born in the year 1988 (zodiac year of the Chinese Dragon), and to our cultural society, eight symbolized a continuation of fortunate existence. It meant an abundance in whatever good that has come to manifest itself in our lives. To this day, Chinese regale the number eight as an emblem of forever and longevity.

I believe that in my art, this figure creates a narration of a bond that can withstand the test of an ageless time. Through its incorporation into my composition, I wanted to create a notion of everlasting emotive expression, imbuing itself onto the human feelings of love and perpetual bliss. Such a thought always crosses my mind as I ponder on why my drawings and sculptures reflect so commonly on the armature of this famous shape. I react naturally to this idea, that humanity can in fact withstand countless oppositions in its journey through the beauties and goodness.


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