Kylo Chua and The Framework of Sculpture

A brief narrative on the visual power of sculpture as a contemporary medium in art society. The creation of sculpture is as limitless and as unrestricted as modern art should be, impelling the free expressionist to create and mold according to the mannerisms of personal taste and an interpersonal life. Abstract sculpture holds a great potential for being a forerunner of emotive creation and free expression.

The forefront of sculpture, is presence. You know something’s there. Everytime you walk into a room with an artwork you feel it staring back at you. The tangibility of something that takes up space, is a lot different when you recognize it with all of your senses.

With painting or photography, implied presence is often a characteristic manipulated to acquire that illusion of depth, but with sculpture, the dimensional framework is actually there in front of you. You can feel it with your hands, you can perceive it with your mind, some artists even go as far as integrating taste and sound into their body of work, just to give that little uniqueness everyone wants to find in a strong media such as this.

The anatomical possibilities of creating a work are simply boundless. You can explore concepts and designs that test or break the laws of reason and physics.
The birth of branching genres in the media gave rise to its contemporary popularity as well: Abstract sculpture and compositions of hybrid media, followed by kinetic sculpture and different forms of technological design. These are landmarks in the history of an ongoing story.


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