Life is an Artwork

It's been about four years since my first piece "Her Elusive" was brought out onto show. It makes me wonder about what could happen in the next four years of my life.

When I was 16, I played around with a pen and paper in my dad's studio atelier. I drew shapes and contours of many varying objects. One of which, was a woman sculpture made by another artist left to dry. Every day I would constantly see newer pieces being moulded and burnished at the workshop. I couldn't keep my eyes of a seemingly unending narrative of characters, scenes and worlds all cast in bronze and marble.

I loved art ever since I could remember. Somehow my family's long heritage of artistry spread into my own veins at an early age. I drew and painted by the time I was 3, harboring some of my family trends into my own hobbies during my free time. I also moved into graphic design and poetic literature by the time my high school started. The media of sculpture however, was a fascination that I deeply wanted to learn for a long time.

Eventually, biding my time at the studio paid off, as I was able to witness more and more techniques from my dad and from talents that came by for residency with our group. I started my career in 2006, and had my first participation in a group show not long after. "Sculptural Serendipity" was also one of the first big group shows that the Artasia Gallery held on site, and I was very fortunate to be able to include my second piece "Celestial" among the roster of works for display.

It's been a long while since then, but I believe the road ahead will be filled with great lessons, wonderful people, and memorable legacies. I love where art has touched the foundations of my life, and I will be doing this passion for the many more decades to come..

Photos taken by Tricia Gosingtian during the Ateneo LSAA Awards 2010


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