Moving Through A Still Existence

One of the interesting things you can see in sculpture, is movement. It is also the most contradictory element the media possesses.

The beauty of an art piece’s perceptual movement can be captivating. Even if the piece does not concretely change its position from one form to another, its characteristic somehow takes a magnificent scene of action, and holds it in time.

The best explanation I can give you is to picture the notes of a musical composition. Together, though written into a single space, they create something wonderfully unexplainable to linguistics. What is the rhythm in a melody? It is a breathless word, in a wordless song. The movement in sculpture, is a melody. It speaks through the eyes, of something that exists in a captured frame, yet tells of elements that come from an entirely different place. Energy, distance, time, balance… the limit does not care for how much this media defies reason and law. It bodes the artist to imagine and charge at the very edge of what seems possible to human understanding about what art should be.
Moving Through A Still Existence
I'm a modern sculptor who circles around the possibility of creating contemporary beauty through fluid, smoothened curvatures of the human form. I have a craving for the elusive impact that abstract art can sometimes convey through its magnificent renderings of the human conditions. Once in a blue moon, I also tend to sleeptalk. | chuakylo@gmail.com

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