Sculpture TED Talk at the Ateneo

For inspiration on matters of the world, from art, to marketing, to business to innovation, TED is one of the best events to catch on your road to discovery. Here is their worldwide network:

Last year, the Ateneo Innovation Center actually sponsored an independently organized TED event of its own. I was surprised when my friend Mattew Cua (organizer of the event) asked me to be one of the first in-school TED speakers and to talk about my development and discovery in the field of cast abstract sculpture. Looking back, I remember talking about innovating the sculpture world by integrating new exhibition techniques in and out of the physical world. I made some mentions and gave insights regarding my thesis, a planned web platform to offer multi-view galleries online for sculpture (which is now being applied to day by some galleries I’ve come into contact with).

I was able to share knowledge alongside several influential design and science influences in the Ateneo community. Other projects included Margaret Kawsek’s Polygon Project which fused the art nature of paper origami to light elements using LED bulbs, and
Elvis Tan’s Speech on the development of Algae as a renewable resource using artificial lights.
You can find the Event Article at the Press Site of the Ateneo Innovation Center 

The beauty of this TED event at the Ateneo de Manila university, is it allowed students to think and drive creative ideas out on their own by watching other people talk about their passions and life-beats. I watch speakers on the TED web network quite often for inspiration, but I never thought I’d actually get to be one of them. That was an experience I’ll always remember. 


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