Working on the 360 Degree Web Gallery.

These days where modern internet galleries have populated across the global networking community, there stands a challenge for artists and art patrons alike to exhibit their works online with a great deal of impact and effect.

The standard two dimensional platform that most websites provide with their albums and picture sharing simply will not be able to give due credit to the millions of sculpture artisans out there who produce their work in full multi-dimensional designs. This has taken my interest for quite sometime now, and I'm currently working on some projects that will help create a new way for sculptors to exhibit their works in all true beauty and accuracy. The 360 degree viewing gallery isn't a completely novel concept, but in the realm of art, few institutions have bothered to implement or venture into this method of showcasing art.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be able to show some updates or the actual web gallery before its launch, but I'm very excited for this is something incredibly depth-creating in the field of online dimensional art exhibition.


  1. Thats some deep stuff :) Haha but this is something relatively new right? I'm looking forward to see what it looks like :)

  2. Ahaha yup yup, it's going to revolutionize the whole sculpture online exhibition system I believe. :)


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