The Art of Lifecasting

Have you ever wanted to stop time? Freeze a moment of your life? Or just remember yourself forever the way you are now?

A lot of art revolves around the theme of an immortal frame. As human beings, we will inevitably grow old and physically change over time. The best we can possibly do is create remembrances of how we are now, so that the future will have references to view us by accordingly. The most common ways of doing this revolves around the art of photography, however sculpture has its own method as well.

Lifecasting is the process of creating an exact replica of a body or part that a person wishes to remember forever. I came across the notion yesterday while talking to a friend about full body casting. This area of sculpture is truly a human-centered division because the primary motif behind the work is the client himself/herself. We are not dealing with an outside interpretation of somebody, this process moulds a dimensional copy in near-complete accuracy. Unlike abstract sculpture or other forms of expressive art, lifecasting is a more proportionate way to create a remembrance of who we are as individuals. It can serve as a comparable landmark in our own history and become a peg for us to grow and develop into better human beings.


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