Drawing Inspiration From Other Media

As I’ve narrated before, the art of contemporary sculpture was not the first creative endeavor I gauged my skills with, despite my heartfelt passion for it today. At a very young age, I was that curious kid drawing stick figures in the moist ground of the neighbor’s backyard.

Art was the kind of thing a boy like me could find anywhere- in people, in places, even around the house.  I drew my inspiration from whatever I saw around me.

 Just to show you what I mean, here are some of my earlier works. Floral drawings I did back then already showcased my mannered curvatures and my stylistic tendencies for smooth, unaltered definition. You can click on the pictures to view larger scale versions of my select past works in the different media.

My paintings were abstractions that were more in tune with non-representative themes. They also showcased some forms of curvature, but experimented with concrete textured patterns created from overlapping globs and dabs of acrylic paint.


For the most part, painting provided a nice home-hobby for me to preoccupy myself during my early years of highschool.

Photography is another visual hobby I have come to love. Here are a couple of my photos taken with Nikkon Cameras D40X and D70 (simple daylight lighting). Practicing my eye for subject-to-area spatial recognition and finding beautifully angled perspectives gave me a great opportunity to learn from photography.

Most of these lessons I apply today in the realm of sculpture by factoring the multi-angular views and relative environment into the overall composition. Learning to set-up and manage a photography studio also created an advantage for me in showcasing my sculptural works. Currently, my home studio operates at select times for my own use as well as for other mutual endeavors.

Apart from being a true blue sculptor, I am currently also a collector of Philippine fine art. I have managed to find beauty in the works of several friends and colleagues in my pursuit for artistic expression and delight. Aside from the works of my dad; Seb Chua,  I maintain a personal collection of paintings by Jeff Dizon, Aner Sebastian and others of the Manila art scene.

My collection also contains fine works by a good friend; Fred Baldemor, who exhibits with me frequently at the Artasia Gallery. I do also maintain my own personal reserve of eve sculptures for my own home presence. I keep some of my notable works on display at my house, and sometimes exhibit them at non-selling events and shows in the country.


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