Sculpture Within Another Media

Have you ever heard of splash sculptures? I came across several of them while taking my usual rounds on the internet. They certainly are a majestic sight to behold. Water captured in a silenced frame of frozen gravity creates a sculpture unbound by time and physics. This intrepid composition lasts only for a millisecond, but can be held in a picture with the use of modern day technology. Sculpture within photography is truly a reveling combination of artistic ambitions.

The same can be said for mixed media works that bind multiple materials together to form a new class of art. Painters showcase their talent on paper or canvas, but today’s growing art community has many patrons of the new-age “designer toys” which are actually resin or plastic sculptures made and painted by several chosen artists. This trend has taken the world by storm in the past few years. Some works fetch up to thousands of dollars on auctions, gallery sales and showcases. “Designer toys” and their like-minded brands have harnessed the power of combining the art of sculpture with the individuality of painters and creatives around the globe. This hybrid kind of art shifts well to the advantage of catering to the younger and middle generations alike. (Picture: Designer Toy in Paper by Shin Tanaka)

One other interesting media that sculptures can be combined with is digital design. Arriving with the emergence of three dimensional design came the discovery of animation possibilities. Pixar, a ground-breaking company specializing in 3D animation took hold of this trend and developed it into a multi-billion dollar business. They now work with Disney, creating many new and breathtaking movies for us to watch on the big screen. The power of forging media together can be quite awesome. It’s essential for us as artists to always think outside the box and be open to new possibilities and discoveries in our field of passion.


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