The Sentiment of Couples in Love

I've always liked dreaming up stories about love. These days those dreamt up stories are now real memories. With every beautiful day that comes into my life, I gather the thoughts and insights presented to me by those closest to my heart. I turn those thoughts into my own basis for what real love is, and thus I live by those emotions every day I am alive.

One passionate subject of mine is the portrayal of two lovers unrestrained in affection, emotion and mutual identity. To create a visual depiction of love is in itself a fine challenge often misunderstood. One deals directly with an emotion so deeply rooted in our human history that present understanding might only be a fragment of what the theme truly is. Then again, our present understanding of love or romance is also what defines it the most truthfully, for we are the ones who experience and drive it to the significance it holds in modern day society.

As artists embark on the journey of conveying love as an artwork, they find themselves questioning their own personal stories that revolve around such intimate matters. How does one go about depicting something? He begins to do so by drawing the work, based on the memories embellished into his mind by years of interpersonal existence. Love may be a bond, a friendship, a craving, a sacrifice, all of that which I have mentioned, or even something extensively more. It is a boundless apparition of the spirit spread across identities of human beings to link the meaning of our lives in an order that even we do not always understand.

I create sculptures of couples, and sometimes families, because it is the love that I have seen and felt the most in my years as a person on this earth. Clay as a versatile medium can only do so much to show the manifestation of this divine gift we share with each other through the days, months ,years, and decades we live as human beings. I hope that my pieces can speak through the eyes, which in turn can hopefully deliver a message to the heart. I want man to experience the kind of love that others say only exists in the movies and books of fiction. My statement is one drawn out of belief that whoever wishes for a story to match his dreams, can have one in his lifetime. Love is something that is concrete and reachable, true and attainable. For this reason among many others, I prefer creating my works in the subject of intricate and emotive love. As I find more experiences to complement my own existing story, I believe my art will grow through self-discovery and understanding.

The Sentiment of Couples in Love
I'm a modern sculptor who circles around the possibility of creating contemporary beauty through fluid, smoothened curvatures of the human form. I have a craving for the elusive impact that abstract art can sometimes convey through its magnificent renderings of the human conditions. Once in a blue moon, I also tend to sleeptalk. | chuakylo@gmail.com

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