A Short Compostional Portfolio

From the very first marble piece I made, to the numbered series of hand-cast figures, to the design sequence of sculpture jewelry I’m currently planning- I’ve never been more passionate about the field of art than I am today.

In 2006, “Her Elusive” marked my journey’s start into sculpture. The very first sculpture I made took seven different design forms before it was finally accepted into a gallery where it was purchased on the night of the exhibit gala celebration.

By 2007, I had created 4 more pieces including the very first of the “Celestial Series” – different one-off pieces that shared a certain light-hearted motif with each another. This good year also gave me the opportunity to exhibit at the Artasia Gallery with several other renowned sculptors.  We participated in such group shows as Serendipity I, II and Nostalgia.
Later in the year 2009, I joined the National Shell Art Awards as a college senior, which helped me get a good foothold onto public recognition. Being a student at the time, I was new to the ambiance of competitions and remember having to talk myself through the momentum. The awarding helped me create a platform for myself and my art, while keeping me keen on learning and growing by exposing my senses to other sculptors of my generation.

In 2010, The Ateneo Loyola Schools shared with me the honor of the very first LS Award for the Arts in Sculpture. Being one of the great milestones of my life, it wasn’t the only memorable event that the Ateneo bestowed on me that year. The 2010 university graduation was presided over by Fr. Ben Nebres and commencement speaker, Manuel V Pangilinan. My sculpture of the Ateneo eagle: “Soaring” had been reserved by the school to give to MVP as a batch symbol for the school year.

In 2011, I plan to expand my collection into a degree of diverse faucets that could hopefully shake the foundation of sculptural work across the country. Currently managing several near-finished projects, I’m adjusting the timeframe to synchronize events, openings and many more endeavors for the coming year. 2011 will be a great year of progress and growth for myself and many other artists who are now innovating the face of the Philippine art scene.


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