What is Hybrid Sculpture?

This is a term I coined in my earlier years of art practice. I refer to my own works as hybrid sculptures because I create them to embody distinct polar opposites in their elemental framework. The inspiration for my personal mannered style comes from both the classical monuments of Greek historical culture and the contemporary distortion of modern day abstractions. I combine the two eras in a medley of complementing natures to draw out some of the best qualities in each. I then merge them together to form a novel concept in my own hybrid framework maintaining those elements unique to both genres. I was inspired by the impact of elemental contrasts to mix and develop these equally enthralling aspects, so that they would be able to usher in a new type of hybridity that one could associate with sculpture.

Using the picturesque white ambience and extensive composition of classical sculptures, I’ve contoured my works with a life-like movement and classic disposition to give them a sense of lasting beauty and story. With respect to the timeless ambience that I draw out from Greek mannerisms and motifs, I also encase each work in a well-crafted veil of contemporary contours. I make use of liquid perception- luring every sensual curve and crevice into the anatomy of my subject. This idea of looking at bodies in a changed state of being gave rise to the water-flow effect I now produce in every sculpture. The combination of opaque classical mood, and curving distortion makes for the total design conceptualization of my bodies of work. This is the point where I coined the pieces as hybrid works of sculptural form, in line with the novelty of inspired combination and creation.


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