Purchasing Artpieces Online

Recently, there has been a growing trend of patronizing art on the internet. Several innovative sites that showcase artists’ works are already up and running as we speak. The global scenario for art is changing, and so are the habits of our collectors and curators.

Despite this, it is still a novelty for most people to acquire fine art via the web. Not being able to sense the work up close can sometimes spur uncertainties and impulses. Both the mind and taste is fickle at this stage and needs the proper vantage points to accurately assess an artwork’s beauty on screen. Soon better and better galleries will come out into the open to allow the digital world more capability in showcasing works of fine art. In light of this knowledge, more people are slowly starting to accept secure online transactions and viewings by artists and galleries alike.

When purchasing art exclusively from my web network, I would rather meet you with a face and a personality, so currently I’ve only set up a contact methodology where you can send me a direct message about your topic of interest. Everything else is to follow. If by chance a work on my site catches your fancy, specify in your message which one it is. For most cases, the sculptures that are on my blog are already sold, save for some of the newest ones and limited editions. If there is a piece that you feel your eyes connect with at a crucial point and you sincerely wish to patronize it, we can arrange to work together, drawing inspiration from this design. We can build a new sculpture with a similarly themed composition and nature to match your artful taste.


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