The Mindblock and The Fight for Creativity

Probably the most notorious obstacle an artist faces is the mindblock. Why in the world do people’s brains seem to cease their creative thinking just when it’s most needed. My routine mindblock usually hits just after I’ve compounded a basic shape for my clay figurine. After that happens, I find myself diving down into my memories for ideas, yet sometimes I only find dead ends.

When dealing with this annoying instance, you’ve always got to remember to clear your head of any feeling related to “forced creative work”. One truth behind the mindblock, is that the mind feels saturated to the point of confining its own thoughts into solitude. It just means that you have to refresh yourself and remember the reasons why you love doing the things you do.

Every painter for example, cannot be painting every minute of the day, seven days a week. He’d definitely go crazy. Now, I’m not doubting that there are some people out there who have the capacity to go above and beyond to reach their interests, but the fact of the matter is that human beings do not like becoming robots. We are random individuals with roots in imaginative concepts. We can stick to routines, but would be tempted to deviate once in a while for adventure. Through this explanation, we have to understand a strange part of us that allows us to be human- our own limitations.

So my advice is to do something light and different, something that you would enjoy, but would eventually make you miss your passion. Take a trip, or even a walk outside. Ride a bike, drive a car, see the sights, experience the world.

When your mind realizes how spectacular the world is, it will begin the creativity again.


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