Working Weeks At The Home Studio

For the past few weeks, I’ve been fine-crafting a couple of newer pieces up at my home studio. The creation of these 12 pieces (still currently in clay) will be a benchmark for me to launch a new collection onto the public in the coming 2011. I’m currently experimenting with formulations of high-fire porcelain, making sculptures in complicated design and composition.

Soon that series will come as well, however cast production is my main goal for the remainder of the year. I might also be attending some art events, and drop by Artasia every now and then to check on my sculptures on exhibit display.

What’s great about working at home instead of your main studio, is the ambience of a cozy atmosphere. You have the flexibility of going about your daily activity while taking shifts between different types of tasks.

Featured in this post, is the third of the new 12 collection; “Harmonica” draped still in green clay just awaiting the final touches before casting. Its curves descend and ripple into a thin, lace-like endearment that gives the musically-themes piece its quaint appeal.

Beside the model, some pieces of my personal house collection surround the tabletop of my studio. It’s a familiar practice to lay out the inspiration for new pieces if a presence of your style can be found anywhere you look from your place of work. I try to draw out the creative balance between theming my new works with the old ones, and creating them totally in pure novelty.


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