Working on The New Set of Uniques

With upcoming events like the XAG art exhibit heading this way, I started working on a new set of solo-class sculptures for the coming season. Currently four are already at my checkpoint area before proceeding to the exhibition venue. I have a couple more at our studio, but they're going to be reserved for the next art show due to the complexity in their finishing process. Among the newly showcased sculptures are some with a new positioning scheme; horizontally and diagonally oriented. My 4th piece this month; Dragonwell, is a stretch beyond my usual sculptures' width barrier. I've themed most of my works around the romance between man and woman in a modern elegant age. The infinite fluidity represents a continuity that is pursued in every relationship worth fighting for.

 Aside from these, I'm currently working on more nature-themes sculptural works as well, including another horizontally-oriented cheetah artwork that makes use of intricate linear styles as a conveyance of motion and speed. I'll definitely be exploring new media as well this coming season. Right now, my house time is often spent researching on the various properties of metals and fine materials. Somehow I want to create a melding of cast marble and other substances to create a hybrid art that draws its impact from a contrast in its set of elements as well.

Porcelain, glass and silver are among some of the candidates for the mixed media ideas that I'm spurring up. I've been fascinated with the idea of PM-Clay as well, which can be burned off after the design process to create a one-of-a-kind p.metal artwork. The only problem with that medium is its cost (ahaha). Designers in the jewelry field probably have a high backing support to cover all their precious materials and gemstone costs.


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