Discovering Metal Alloy Cast Sculpture

These days, my sculpture practice has been taking on some new learning curves. Experimenting with white metal is no easy procedure. I've actually burnt my fingers more than ten times in the past two week of metalworking, but the discoveries that were unveiled through the process was well worth the hardships. Metal-casting is much different from casting marble (as I frequently do with my modern sculptures). For one thing, cold casting will not work here. You will need to administer extreme heat and pressure to be able to even form the basic contour of a design. Obviously the casting machines used are also different. Centrifugal casting and Vacuum casting are precisely timed techniques that make use of high-grade materials to cast molten alloys. I'm amazed at the aesthetic and design capabilities of metal media in art. The strength, durability and surface beauty are among some of the main factors I should now take into consideration when creating designs. Fabricating designs in clay is also much more flexible than wax-working designs, so I'm adjusting to the texture and surface durability of this new carving material as well. A new Dremmel tool helps me carve out patterns in the wax and refine them to a smooth state with an aluminum carbide tip.

Photography by Istvan Takacs

It's a real tough process, but I'm sure the sculptural endeavors produced with this new found knowledge will indeed exceed expectations. I hope to also cast mixed media sculptures someday- made of a hybrid combination of marble, glass and metal. I believe there is a contemporary elegance to the use of hybridity in sculpture and I definitely want to find that elegance through my pursuit of technique and knowledge. As a Philippine contemporary sculptor, I do wish to contribute to the country's innovation in the art circles as well. I want to make the Philippines known as a prime spot for art endeavors all throughout Asia and even the world. This is one of my dreams and passions that I keep in mind when struggling with heat, patience and endurance during sculpting sessions. Though currently in the middle of more discoveries, I'm happy to be learning and committing to more ways of visually manifesting my eve creations, as well as the new series of fauna subjects I'm preparing to roll out into the galleries.


  1. This new material looks like a challenge, but very exciting, as always when exploring new ways of doing things. Look forward to seeing some of your castings!

  2. It's quite difficult to get used to, but very exciting as well. :) Thanks Jennifer!

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