My Sculpture Stories this May

After the successive visits to the XAG exhibit in Gateway, a lot of interesting things happened this month. The studio is now a frequent reservoir for sculptures before they are shipped out to different events/venues for exhibition. The limited edition pieces are doing better than I expected, so I'm working on new designs for those as well. I'm happy that my passion in art hasn't gone to waste. I know that it's pretty fortunate for me to turn my interest into what it is today. I'm very thankful to everyone who's been supporting me all this time too.. Dad brings me to far off places everyday to learn more about goldcasting. Mom supports me by handling a lot of accounting work and finding tools that I could make use of for the new studio.

Despite all the stress and hardship that people don't often see, I'm very glad I have friends and family to back me up in my art endeavors. I thank God for always guiding my mind and my hands to do the best they can.

It isn't an easy thing doing sculptures this way as some people may believe. It takes a long process and can sometimes step into your schedules and personal time, but that's what passion is. The best way to work is to work on what you love. So far the sculptor.asia website has helped me a lot. Through that, I was able to get new clients, opportunities and even a scholarship in Los Angeles. It makes me happy that the things I've learned through my college years still help me in a lot of ways other than the advertising field. Whew.. this has been quite a month.. I'm really looking forward to June and the promise new time brings to the art scene. :) Keep being awesome everybody.
My Sculpture Stories this May
I'm a modern sculptor who circles around the possibility of creating contemporary beauty through fluid, smoothened curvatures of the human form. I have a craving for the elusive impact that abstract art can sometimes convey through its magnificent renderings of the human conditions. Once in a blue moon, I also tend to sleeptalk. | chuakylo@gmail.com

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