A Sparkling Opening for XAG

April 30th, 2011- the very first celebration of art for Xavier School's alumnus. Familiar faces like Fr. Zuloaga were present during official ribbon cutting to launch the month-long Luceat Lux exhibit. The paintings that adorned the walls of the gallery lit up with magnificent works of art. Rudy Yu's seven-foot long masterpiece attracted much attention with its detailed beauty and style. Mikko Sison's abstract creations also brought up the ambience of the place, with magnificent and vibrant depths. Seb Chua's bronze stallions set the night in motion with captured scenes of pure splendor and excitement. Many other painters were also able to showcase some of their most breathtaking artworks of 2011. I was able to showcase about five of my abstract figure-artworks during the opening night. "The Gale Runner", "Infinite Perception" and two of my other works were also first appearances for the show. This line-up of one-off sculptures took me several months to complete in full. This special night was also blessed by our honored Fr. Zuloaga as he made his rounds around the venue, praying for the art and the artists alike.

Aside from friends, family and Xaverians, several guests streamed into the gallery starting from 7:30pm. It was quite a sight to see a gathering of both close bonds and art enthusiasts all at the same time. I believe that the XAG has something unique to offer the community in terms of aesthetic growth and development. Creativity was not always something famous in Xavier School, but these days are turning the tides for a new wave of artists. We began as the first eight to start the movement, now our group numbers in nearly a hundred. Next year's exhibition will surely mark a succeeding age in the continuity of our group's pursuit for the fine arts.


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