A Visit to The Bencab Museum

A few days ago we took a roadside trip to visit the famous Bencab museum along route to Baguio. There, we met up with Bencab himself and had merienda before touring around the modern, yet exquisitely Filipino art space.

The gallery is composed of multi-floor levels and sections that showcase both permanent and rotating exhibits. You'll notice several tribal works along the lower levels, as well as a hanging arrangement of figural Filipino sculptures on the main wall. Works done in petrified wood, stone and kamagong wood are among some of the gallery's art inhabitants.

Outside the terrace cafe, they've built a beautiful garden overlooking an entire mountainin its natural landscape and flowerbeds. A patio in the middle of a man-made pond promotes an ideal location to just sit and relax with friends and a good cup of coffee.

While Bencab's art collection is among the many featured displays of the gallery, other artists such as Arturo Luz, also exhibit permanent collections there at his museum. Fine works of sculpture, painting and mixed media can be seen across the rooms and walls, decorating the entire building with an aesthetic feel of both modernity and culture. Art in the Philippines is quite the prominent trait, as many Filipinos desire to grow creatively in the various fields of artistic media and design. All in all, it was a relaxing and fulfilling visit, and I hope to go visit again in the near future.
A Visit to The Bencab Museum
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