'Eves of Eight' Sculptures on SPACE Design+Travel Magazine

This June, SPACE Magazine's quarterly design and travel feature came out on the shelves of bookstores around Metro Manila. Dad was the first one to see the feature they wrote about me and my artworks. To be honest, I'm quite thrilled to be a part of such an elegant production- from photographic quality to layout, their magazine speaks a good luxurious feel through the line-up of well written articles and interesting features.

SPACE showcased a series of creative personalities in its select Art & Living category, among them were paper sculptors, mixed media doll artists and various innovative and creative individuals. To be included with these modern day examples of aesthetic progress is something I feel very appreciative of. Throughout my life, I've loved the elegance of artforms wildly varying in theme, form and contour. To think that my sculptural works have been recognized by others gives me a sense of great fulfillment indeed.

A special thanks to Hannah Galang, who's been a part of this endeavor from its core beginning, to my parents who rigorously support both my education and my artistic passion.


  1. Congrats Kylo and more creative sculptures to come.from a fellow sleeptalker.
    perry w. co

  2. Thanks Perry, I wish I could say I sleep-sculpt as well but that may be dangerous ahaha.


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