Meg Magazine's Young Achievers Edition

This year, MEG magazine partnered up with popular clothing brand; Human, to release a special issue embodying the youth of today's modern society. I'm very thankful to MEG for including me as one of the 25 Young Achievers for 2011, and I admire the accomplishments of all the participants of the feature as well. From ice skating championships to web entrepreneurship to first class theatre acting, the skill set of these unique individuals had me in awe.

When I first came to the place for the photoshoot, we were astonished as to how intricately prepared the studio set-up was for the process. Their on-board staff for visuals, hair and make-up directed everyone in a well-paced standard that gave us all a sense of priority and comfort.

I truly appreciate the magazine's hospitality and good relation to us all. While I was among fellow youth, I realized that there were a few among us who were actually in their late teens as well. Most of us at the time had been in our early twenties, with the eldest being a couple of years my senior. I'm glad I was able to listen and learn about many of their stories during the interviews as well. While I was chosen for achievement in the field of sculpture, my story was narrated as one from familial beginnings, starting from my dad's short lessons at our studio. I'm very grateful for the success that opportunities have brought these recent years and I do hope to grow more and more as an artist as well. This endeavor made me realize that there are a lot of great people out there who've done so much for Philippine and international society. I want to strive to be the best I can be in my own expertise, so that in time I can create something for the world to remember. I hope that all our efforts to develop our skills can bear fruit in the future years, for our generation is ready to stand tall and proud.


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