Silkwinds | Silk Air's Inflight Magazine Featurette

I love the play of white against black in the layout and I'm really happy about the idea of my sculptures being up in the air (so to speak, since it's an Inflight Magazine). All in all, I'd like to thank Jericho and Selena, as well as Silk Air for featuring my work in their well respected magazine. Great job on the cover as well if I may add. It makes me want to travel abroad to visit and tour the Maharaja's exquisite palace... (daydreams...)

If you would care to view the pdf of the magazine, it can be found here. It takes a short while to load the pages, but they make it so that it looks like a real page-turn type of magazine on your window.

Silk Air is a Singapore-based Airline that is the sister brand of Singapore Airlines and responsible for around 60 percent of the company's Asian and regional flights.


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