The Aquiline Embrace of an October Evening

It's been a while since I've posted a new sculpture feature, but I decided to show you a new artwork today that I've drawn up from the workings of my previous piece, Aurora Australis. It's playful, almost conchoidal nature is meant to exude an entwining understanding of love. For every two people that devote themselves to each other's feelings, there will be a winding road that leads them to new discovery.

My sculpture, Aquiline Embrace is a one-off work that I started during one of my home-spent afternoons. I put a lot of care and thought into its contour because I desired it to be a rendition of two lovers locked in an embrace of mystery and lore.

During the week I've also made a little swan sculpture to commemorate another year of doing what I love. This modern "baby swan" is a slight miniature to the first, though un-molded and inherently its own finished piece. Its contour differs slightly apart from its mother's, and it has a more playful swirl added to a classically abstract composition. It's neckline reflects that of a younger, more juvenile creature ready to explore a new existence. Today I took a few photos of both to show you what I've been up to this past few weeks. I'm glad for all the friends and patrons I've been able to meet from other countries because of articles like the one featured in Silkwinds. With this year's latter half closing in on the studio, I'm thankful that many of my pieces have travelled far away from their first few days as clay on my workbench. Some found love in the homes of couples here in the Philippines, others have travelled as far off as Singapore, Australia, and the United States. All in all, what matters the most to me is that people appreciate the passion that comes with the craft. The world can be a great place to find inspiration to create just about anything.


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