Sculpture Through A Photographer's Eyes

Last week I had the opportunity to come across the photography skills of my friend Jeri Barrios. Together with my dad Seb Chua, We did a studio session using a couple artworks from 2011-2012. We brought about ten artworks to be photographed and got ourselves in the photo series too.

While sculpture is the most familiar art form I relate to, photography isn't a stranger in the neighborhood. From my early college years up to now, I've been able to make use of this widely evolving media in many of the graphic designs I've developed for my artworks. This time however, Jeri's expertise in the photography of people came into perspective when he was able to produce a good collection of profile and fronting shots with us and our works as his subjects.

 I'd say the experience went very well, considering that we only made use of the afternoon to do all the photography work. He tells me that his appreciative affinity towards photographing people stemmed from his journey as a model here in the Philippines. From what I observed, Jerry's knowledge about lighting, positioning and overall taste is quite exceptional. He was also able to apply what he knew to the photography of our sculptures as well.

Some of Jeri's photographs are here on this post, however you can see more of them at by visiting this link.

(Photo to the left: Seb Chua, Photo above: Kylo Chua
-Photography credit to Jeri Barrios Photography)
Sculpture Through A Photographer's Eyes
I'm a modern sculptor who circles around the possibility of creating contemporary beauty through fluid, smoothened curvatures of the human form. I have a craving for the elusive impact that abstract art can sometimes convey through its magnificent renderings of the human conditions. Once in a blue moon, I also tend to sleeptalk. | chuakylo@gmail.com

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  1. Amazing and of Modern Sculptures and well execution. i am really impressed with the work done. Thanks for posting and keep posting like this.



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