Biz News Interview with Sculptors Kylo chua and Seb Chua

Yesterday, my dad and I were invited to a light-hearted interview with BizNews, to talk about sculpture and the business of art. Tony Lopez and Elizabeth Dee hosted the show and were very hospitable to us, supporting an amiable friendly chat about how we create our works. We discussed a little bit about the current situation of Filipino art as well as the growing demand for art in Asia. China's artscape is tied to its rising economy (my dad discussed) as we noted Chinese artists whose prices have gone quite high in the recent years. The Philippines is a more freeform, radical art community with a lot of potential, though a lot of artists are being tempted to live abroad to find the "promising dream" of the first word mentality.

Sculpture in the Philippines is a relatively re-emerging media (especially when we spoke about modern art). Painting has been a more historically oriented endeavor with Filipinos. Despite this fact, it can be seen today that the rise of mixed media and sculpture is straight ahead, with more and more art galleries exhibiting three dimensional works as main features in their shows. The turning point for the evolution of Filipino and Chinese sculpture in the country is near though. With contemporary artists and modernist sculptors leading the way into a new generation of Asian masters.

During a brief moment I also talked about following the aesthetic elements of sculpture in the field of jewelry, making and orienting pieces to aesthetically embody abstract art. The classic jewelry trade I believe, can still evolve to a more hybrid type of luxury where personal / art-oriented value can even match material value (precious metals and gemstones). As a Filipino-Chinese sculptor and a student at the Gemological Institute of America, this is a movement I cannot wait to experience. The optimistic growth of innovation in design is bound to happen in the next few years.


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