Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remembering Lladro and Swarovski

As a young boy, I often stared curiously at the glossy figures on my ama's living room shelves. At the time, I didn't realize they were meticulously made out of high-fire glazed porcelain.

Lladro is one of those legacies that has been ever-present since my generation's childhood days. It was one of the catalysts that got me onto the art track way back when I could only sculpt in play doh. Swarovski, the well-known crystal company is also in the same boat. These two brands, although centered around decor over art, make up a good influence in my early days of creative interest. Lladro helped me realize that sculpture is something that can portray both demure beauty and spectacular ambiance. Swarovski's crystals made me wonder about light-return and gave me the curiosity to collect minerals and eventually take up gemology.

Today, I see them as a reminder of my first steps into this field, and I appreciate their space in the world of luxury goods. Though timeless as they are, I'm not too fond of their newer creations however. I used to love Swarovski's clear sculptural displays of color dispersion, but nowadays they're creating effects that supposedly resemble opal's play-of-color and solid hues like those of topaz. For me, these newer pieces don't match up to the old classics that still have that spark many of us love.

Lladro's attempt on abstract sculpture was a little too simple to begin with. They made a comeback though with new movements such as Re-Cyclos that made novelty uses of older designs. In a way they were able to come into a contemporary nature much more than a modern one. They have newer collections these days that touch a bit on surrealism as well.

Why am I writing this post despite being an independent sculptor? Because it's interesting to me :) Kind of like when we were kids, we loved Superman so we followed all his comics all up to his newest movies. These two companies are some of my childhood heroes that I'll remember even as I evolve in my own art form. Art is significantly different from decor in many ways such as originality, uniqueness and even investment, but the influence I took from these companies was their undying love for visual beauty. That is something I share with them deeply.

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